Contributed extensions


Extension for querying NExSci for real planet systems.

Created by Christina Hedges on November 1, 2019


Obtain the starry.System for Kepler-10 and evaluate at some times. Here flux contains the normalized flux from the Kepler-10 system.

from starry.extensions import from_nexsci
import numpy as np
sys = from_nexsci('Kepler-10')
time = np.arange(0, 10, 0.1)
flux = sys.flux(time).eval()
class starry.extensions.nexsci.nexsci.FromNexsci

Extension for retrieving a starry.System initialized with parameters from NExSci.

Specify the name of the system as a string to name to create that specific system. Users can also pass 'random' to obtain a random system. Returns a starry.System object.

This extension queries NExSci and then stores the data as a csv file in /extensions/data. Loading this module will trigger a query of NExSci if this csv file is more than 7 days out of date.

  • name (str) – Name of system to retrieve. e.g. ‘K2-43’ or ‘K2-43b’

  • limb_darkening (list, optional) – The quadratic limb-darkening parameters to apply to the model. Default is [0.4, 0.2]


An instance of starry.System using planet parameters from NExSci